ENO Breathe

In partnership with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

A breathing and wellbeing programme for people recovering from the effects of COVID-19

Have you recently recovered from coronavirus but are still finding it difficult to breathe fully?

You can now join this free six-week online programme led by the English National Opera (ENO), in partnership with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

ENO Breathe is a brand new pioneering programme developed by ENO and Imperial College Healthcare teams specifically for people recovering from COVID-19.

Combining both medical and musical expertise, it offers unique practical exercises and online resources that you will be able to use to improve your breathlessness.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is for people recovering from COVID-19, who are still suffering from breathlessness and associated anxiety. It focuses on breathing re-training through singing.

However no prior experience or interest in singing is required to take part in ENO Breathe.

ENO Breathe is not a choir or singing group. It is a social prescribing (non-clinical) intervention that uses singing techniques to aid recovery from COVID-19.

To take part, you will need to have been referred onto the programme by a medical team from one of our NHS Trust partners.

There is no cost to the participant to take part in the programme.

How will the ENO Breathe programme work?

The programme will be delivered by the ENO entirely online. Join a safe, friendly and supportive environment, with a small group of individuals experiencing similar symptoms.

You will need access to the internet in order to take part.

ENO Breathe will offer you:

  • An initial one-to-one online session with a member of our ENO Breathe team to discuss the practicalities of the programme and what you hope to achieve
  • Six weekly group online workshop sessions, led by an ENO Vocal specialist. Workshops will encourage participants to take part in exercises and activities especially designed to support breathing control, providing tools for self-management of breath and anxiety
  • Access to bespoke online digital resources, designed to support you between sessions. These will include exercises, song sheets and audio and video materials, especially recorded by the ENO for participants on the programme.

Lullabies will be used as a way into exercises throughout the six weeks on the programme. Lullabies are expressly designed to calm and soothe, and have the benefit of being short, memorable and accessible to all.

What happens after the programme?

Both during and after the programme, we will ask you to complete a series of short self-assessments to help us assess your progress.

The aim of ENO Breathe is to empower you in the management of breathlessness and anxiety post COVID-19, by equipping you with the tools you need for self-management.

After the 6 weeks programme, you will have ongoing access to online resources to help continue your practice.

How do I take part?

To take part in this programme, you need to have been referred by a medical team from one of our NHS Trust partners, who will have given you a referral code.

You can then register on this free programme by filling in your details and entering the referral code.

If you have problems registering online please phone us on 07561 465204 or by email breathe@eno.org

Places are limited so please register as soon as possible to secure a space on the programme.

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Additional help for people recovering from Covid-19 can be found at yourcovidrecovery.nhs.uk