Meet the Team

Jenny Mollica

Jenny is Director of ENO Baylis, the ENO's learning and participation programme

Jenny leads the ENO’s work on the strategic design and development of this pioneering programme, ENO Breathe, in close collaboration with Imperial College Healthcare Trust.

Sarah Elkin

Sarah is a respiratory consultant and director of integrated care at Imperial NHS trust and the lead doctor on this programme.

Sarah has been key in designing the programme and bringing in her medical expertise.

Suzi Zumpe

Photo Credit: Alexandra Guelff

Suzi is the Creative Director of ENO Breathe.

An experienced educator, facilitator and singing specialist, Suzi is interested in people, music, connections and learning by stealth. She has designed the session content and resources for this programme, and leads some of the groups.

Tanja Pagnuco

Tanja is Programme Manager at ENO Baylis.

Tanja coordinates and manages all aspects of the programme. She will also be in some of the sessions, making sure everyone has all the information and support they need.

Harriet Owles

Harriet Owles is a respiratory doctor currently doing research at St Mary's Hospital

Harriet has been advising and supporting the development of this programme.

Visual and stage design of ENO Breathe by Nicky Shaw. 

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