Sponsor a Musician

Play your part: invest in the wellbeing of our musicians

We are lucky to have our own dedicated Chorus and Orchestra, who are at the heart of everything we do. Our talented singers and instrumentalists are the only stars of an opera company to perform such a varied repertoire from Birtwistle to Wagner, and Britten to Gilbert and Sullivan. Seeing and hearing them at ENO performances makes every visit a thrilling musical experience.

Our Chorus are the cast of characters you see on stage in many of our operas. Choristers regularly perform and cover principal roles, and participate in our education projects. Recent ENO Studio Live productions have placed their immense talent centre stage.

Our Orchestra play at every ENO performance and are much in demand, having played for Grange Park Opera and our ENO musicals. Our musicians inspire others, sharing their experience and passion by mentoring orchestral students through our ENO Evolve programme.

Our Répétiteurs are highly skilled pianists that accompany and coach solo artists and chorus in the rehearsal studio and on stage in the run up to performances. They can condense a full orchestral score into a sympathetic piano accompaniment, while recreating orchestral timbres. Plus, they often perform keyboard roles in the orchestra.

Looking after our musicians

Music making is a demanding profession. Our musicians rehearse up to 27 hours a week and will on average play and sing in four performances.

We are proud to invest in them and help safeguard the longevity of their careers with the company. Our sponsor a musician programme will directly support our 40 choristers, 4 Chorus Fellows, 69 orchestral players, 5 répétiteurs and 1 trainee répétiteur, while nurturing their wellbeing as performers.

We need over £45,000 to provide each musician with a professional development and personal wellbeing fund.

Your support will enable us to offer our musicians access to specialist training and welfare personalised to their needs. By taking care of the music makers you help ensure that we continue to present artistic excellence at every performance.

Your support and opportunities for involvement

£1,000 an individual musician
£5,000 a principal orchestra member
£10,000 a section of the chorus
£15,000 Leader of the Orchestra, Chorus Master

Take a look at the benefits of each tier


Please sponsor a musician today. Contact Katherine Sayer at ksayer@eno.org or call 020 7845 9494.