What to Expect at Drive & Live

We’d love you to join us at the World Premiere of ENO Drive & Live. A unique outdoor, drive-in opera experience.

Official Partner of Drive & Live: Uber

What type of ticket do I need to book?

You’ll need to choose your ticket based on the size of your vehicle so that we can manage capacity.

Small/medium cars are saloons and estate cars such as a Ford Fiesta, VW Golf, Toyota Prius and Vauxhall Corsa.

Large cars are any vehicles over 1.6m tall and include the Ford Kuga, Honda CRV, Range Rovers, Land Rovers and Kia Sportage.

If you are unsure, please double check your car specifications before booking as we can only accommodate a certain number of larger cars at each performance.

Tickets for cars carrying up to four people cost £101.50* plus £2.25 booking fee. Bicycle tickets cost £36.50* plus £2.25 booking fee.

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* Ticket price includes a £1.50 restoration levy for Alexandra Palace.

How will the Drive & Live performances be staged?

The performances of La bohème are a new, modern version of the much-loved opera, with a running time of 1 hour and 45 minutes. It is performed live by a cast of principal singers with members of ENO’s award-winning Chorus and Orchestra. 

The performers will be on a raised and covered stage, with large screens to the side also relaying the performance so that all audience members get a great view. 

All of the cast and crew will be following the government’s latest guidelines on social distancing.

I don’t own a car – can I come on foot?

We’re partnering with Uber so that you can book an Uber Box static car if you don’t own a car. When booking your tickets, select the Uber Box option – this will offer you a good view of the stage and ensure you can maintain a safe distance away from other audience members. All Boxes will be deep cleaned between performances.

After you’ve booked your Uber Box, you pre-book an Uber ride to and from Alexandra Palace. All customers coming on foot must pre-book an Uber Box.

We’re also partnering with Lime to offer free bicycle hire – read more below.

Can I come on a bicycle?

Yes, we’ll allocate a socially distanced spaces for you and your bicycle near the front of the stage so that you can see and hear the performance. If you wish to sit on the ground during the performance, we recommend bringing a blanket or cushion with you.

If you don’t have your own bike, we’ve partnered with Lime to offer free cycle hire. If you live in London travel zones 1 or 2, you can hire a free Lime e-bike on the day of the performance. Your free ride will be valid from four hours before the performance and will end two hours after it finishes. To take advantage of this offer, book a bicycle ticket to Drive & Live and your confirmation email will give further details of how to contact Lime to arrange your free hire.

Can I come on a motorbike?

We are unable to accommodate motorbikes due to space restrictions.

Will I be able to see the stage?

The performance will take place on a raised stage. To help everyone can see clearly, we’ll direct bicycles to be nearer the stage, with higher vehicles a little further to the side.

A few days before the performance we’ll send you an email with an arrival time slot to help manage traffic flow.

Will the performances be surtitled?

Yes, there will be surtitles.

How will I be able to hear the opera?

The performance will use microphones and broadcast high quality stereo sound both across the car park and directly into cars by FM radio tuned to 87.70MHz. If you’re coming in a car, please check your radio can be used with the engine switched off for the performance, alternatively you may wish to bring a portable FM radio with you.

Those coming on bicycles will be able to hear the sound broadcast without the need for a radio.

I’m a Blue Badge holder – will you have accessible parking spaces and toilets?

All parking spaces will be distanced from the next vehicle and we ask that you stay in your car as much as possible. If you think you will need additional space, please email access@eno.org before booking your tickets, letting us know the approximate size of your car and which side(s) of the vehicle will need additional space (eg driver side/passenger side/tail).

Accessible toilets will be available.

Will food and drink be available?

Hotel Chocolat are offering hot chocolates, ice cream and a selection of chocolates. Pre-order your package and have it conveniently delivered to your car without having to queue at the Chocomobile!

Pre-order your Hotel Chocolat package now.

Packages must be pre-ordered at least 3 hours before your event.

Hotel Chocolat are the only food and drink suppliers for Drive & Live. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink but we ask that you do not bring alcohol. Please take any litter home with you.

Can I buy a programme?

A programme is available as a digital PDF file for you to read on your smartphone/tablet. Purchase yours for £3 now and your confirmation email will contain a download link.

Order your digital programme now.

What time should I arrive?

The car park gate will open approximately an hour and 15 minutes before the performance begins.

We’ll send you a 10 minute time slot in which to arrive three to four days before your event. This means that if you book your ticket a day or two before the performance, you won’t be sent an allocated slot and should aim to arrive 20-30 minutes before the performance start time.

What happens if I’m running late?

If you arrive after your suggested arrival time, we will slot you in as best we can. We will not be able to admit you after the performance started, so please arrive in good time.

What will happen when I arrive?

Follow the signs to Alexandra Palace East car park, N22 7AY. You’ll need to show your e-ticket to one of our ushers when you arrive –this will be attached to your booking confirmation email. You can either print your ticket out and display it on your dashboard, or show this on your phone by holding it up to your closed window. Our ushers will then direct you to a parking space.

What happens if there’s bad weather? 

Our covered stage will protect all performers during bad weather, so the show will go on! If you’re coming to Drive & Live on a bicycle, you may want to bring some waterproof clothing.

Will tickets be available on the night?

All tickets must be booked in advance so that we can properly manage social distancing guidelines. Tickets will not be available to book in person – please do not arrive for the performance without a ticket.

Are there toilets?

Individual toilets and accessible toilets will be available to use. 

Can I get out of my car to stretch my legs?

We’ll ask that all audience members stay with their vehicle/bike as much as possible to help us maintain social distancing. If you do need to get out of your vehicle, please follow the government guidelines on distancing and respect the space of your neighbours’ vehicle.

Can convertible cars have the roof off?

You’ll need to keep your roof up so that we can maintain social distancing guidelines between cars, as well between you and our staff throughout the event.

Can I bring my dog?

Only assistance dogs are allowed to Drive & Live.

What if I’m unwell and unable to attend?
If you are unable to make your chosen performance due to COVID-19 symptoms or self-isolation please email box.office@eno.org as soon as possible for us to arrange an online credit voucher.

How can I get the best out of my Drive & Live experience?

We want everyone to have a brilliant experience so here are a few tips from us:

  • Clean your windscreen before leaving home: It may sound obvious but make sure you’re getting the best view possible by starting with a freshly cleaned windscreen! 
  • Make your car cosy and comfortable: The joy of Drive & Live is that you can personalise your space in a way you can’t in the theatre. Think of your car like your own private box – test out your seat position to find the optimum recline, bring cushions or pillows for extra comfort and maybe some blankets to keep cosy.
  • Prepare for the weather: Remember your sunglasses if it’s sunny and if it’s a cooler day, you might want a blanket as the night draws in. We’ll ask you to keep your engine off during the performance, so you won’t be able to run your heating or air conditioning.
  • If you need assistance during the performance please put on your hazard lights and wait for an usher. If the matter is urgent, you may exit your car and approach an usher who will be wearing purple high-vis clothing.

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